Control Gel Tube Intense White 2oz

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Control gel is our new simple nail extension 4 Step System. It is easier to use in comparison to Traditional Hard Gels and Acrylic due to its slight self-levelling Properties for ultimate control. Perfect to sculpt and shape beautiful artificial nails with ease while creating strong, durable nails with a lightweight feel.

Control gel provides an enjoyable odour free salon experience while saving salon owners money due to its, waste-free dispensing. Our Intense White Control can be used with either Cool Pink, Natural or Warm Pink to create the perfect French Manicure or can be used on its own to create bright white extensions or to create the perfect base for one of our Just Gel Polish colours.

Using Control Gel is super easy, all you must do is follow 4 Steps:

Step 1: Sanitise the nails with Nail prep, and then file the nail into shape using our Sapphire nail file. Once you have the desired shape Dehydrate the nail and apply Powerbond.

Step 2: Apply your Nail forms to the nail, once they are in place squeeze out the desired amount of Control Gel using the Spatula and roll it onto the nail.

Step 3: Wet your brush with a small amount of Control Gel Solution and pat it into place. Once the desired shape is achieved, cure under an LED/UV Lamp.

Step 4: Once cured, file the nails with the Emerald file until you are happy. Wipe away any excess dust and seal you work with Intense Seal.