Control Gel Intro Kit

Instagrammable nails shouldn’t be too difficult to achieve, with extensions and overlays becoming more and more popular why loose time learning how to master the complexities of hard gel and acrylics.

The IBD Control Gel is the perfect pro gel hybrid for beginners or those who love to be efficient. With its light self-levelling formula, it is easy to master. Not only is Control Gel easier to master than hard gels and acrylic’s but it is just as strong and odourless.

This Control Gel Intro Kit has our 3 essentials for producing the perfect set of nail extensions… Control Gel Clear, Control Gel Solution and a Spatula.

This kit also includes a detailed step by step to assist any beginner wanting to try Control Gel.

Create the perfect nail extensions with Control Gel following 4 simple steps:

Step one: Prep the nail exactly how you would for a Hard Gel or Acrylic. Don’t know how? Watch our YouTube tutorial. Once this is done, coat the nail in Dehydrate and Powerbond.

Step two: Squeeze out the amount of control gel you need, the longer the nails the more you will need, cut it using the Spatula provided in your kit and gently roll it onto the nail bed.

Step three: Using a small amount of the Control Gel Solution on a Gel Brush, pat the Control Gel into place and cure in an LED/UV lamp.

Step four: File the nail until you are happy and protect your work using Intense Seal