Just Gel Polish Essentials

ibd Just Gel Polish is 100% true gel, this adaptable formula which applies smoothly like a polish with the durability of gel. Ibd Just Gel Polish is quickly cured under a LED or UV light to leave a smooth, high-shine finish.

Removal is hassle free, taking 10 minutes with no mess or fuss. Compatible with all other gel polish systems. ibd Just Gel Polish offers so much choice, with a wide selection of selection of colours, plus seasonal launches in limited edition gel nail polish colours.

Buy ibd Just Gel Polish online, professional gel nail polish for only £9.95.

ibd Just Gel Polish Top Coat (14ml) Now: £7.00 Was £9.95
ibd Just Gel Polish Base Coat (14ml) Now: £7.00 Was £9.95
ibd Powerbond (14ml) £16.60
ibd Just Gel Polish Mattify Top Coat (14ml) Now: £7.00 Was £9.95
IBD Just Gel Polish No Cleanse Top Coat 14ml Now: £7.00 Was £9.95
ibd Cleanser Plus (8oz) £12.15
ibd Cleanser Plus (16oz) £19.25
ibd Just Gel Polish Cleanser (8oz) £9.95
ibd Dehydrate (0.25oz) £6.25

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