IBD Just Gel Polish Sunnies and Scarves

IBD Just Gel Polish Sunnies and Scarves

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From the Pink Motel collection is the Sunnies & Scarves gel polish, A 100% pure gel formula that wears like a classic true gel with easy application. The yellow IBD colour, requires just 2 thin coats of just gel polish and needs to be cured in between both coats under a UV or LED light.

For UV lights nails need curing for 2 minutes or 30 sceconds under n LED Llight per coat

Directions of use

  • Prep nails with the ibd Powerbond

  • Apply thin coat of the Just Gel Polish Base Coat.

  • Cure 30 seconds LED or 1 miniute in UV lamp.

  • Apply two thin coats of the IBD gel polish colour of choice, ensure to cure each coat separately.

  • Curing time 30 second in LED or 2 mniutes in UV lamp.

  • Apply Just Gel Polish Top Coat and cure 30 seconds LED or 2 minutes in UV lamp.