ibd offer a fantastic Professional Nail Acrylic collection, from Flex Powders, to Nail Tips, Monomer and Acrylics Kits for everything you need to offer a complete line of acrylic services, packaged in a handy box.

ibd Acrylic Kit Professional £129.00
ibd Acrylic Brush With Cap £37.45
ibd Stick Primer (14ml) £11.35
ibd Grip Monomer (8oz) £32.00
ibd Flex Powder Pink (0.75oz) £11.00
ibd Flex Powder Pink (4oz) £27.50
ibd Flex Powder Clear (4oz) £27.50
ibd Flex Powder White (0.75oz) £11.00
ibd Flex Powder Cover (0.75oz) £11.00
ibd Tips French 100 Pc £11.00
ibd Tips Natural 100 Pc £11.00
ibd 5 Second Glue Tube Gel (4g) £5.20
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