About Us

There are no boundaries with IBD, we are never held down by conformity, we sit at the forefront of the industry. Creating professional nail care that allows our pro techs to create a boss set of bespoke IBD nails for their clientele every time.

We provide our IBD techs with innovative, quality nail products allowing them to slay the mani game, be individYOUal and show their bad a$$ skills. IBD control gel, the world’s first pro-hybrid lets our nail gang create bomb sets without the complexities of hard gel. Our ever-growing range of high pigment colours take a mani from basic to boss, allowing their clientele to ‘Get Nailed’ exactly how they want. Whether that’s with short gel nails, stiletto acrylics, classic manis or statement extensions – slay your shape.

For over 40 years as International Beauty Design (IBD) we have been the leader in the nail care industry, dominating the market with world-class technology and unparalleled innovation with a boss b*tch attitude. We were the first brand to bring gel to the market, proving that as an innovator, our ambitious and creative pro techs are what we’re all about.

We feel that we boast the best gel polishes in the market, our IBD gel range contains over 100 fierce and bad a$$ colours along with our best-selling IBD Gel polish base coat and top coat. Not to mention our nail tech essential product: IBD powerbond that creates a strong bond with any IBD Gel Polish, Gel or Acrylic product for longer lasting nails with attitude.

Our eager pro techs are empowered with all they need from our huge range including professional lacquer, hard gels and builder gel, ensuring our nail gang continues to develop, advance and slay their ‘Get Nailed’ looks.